5 Ways to get affordable wall art

We’re living in such uncertain times, emerging from a pandemic, with food and energy prices sky-rocketing, saving money has never been more important. We spend a lot of time in our homes, and some nice wall art can go along way to brightening up our walls and giving us a lift, but not everyone will have spare money to spend on our home decor. But if you know where to look, affordable wall art is plentiful and easy to obtain.


Take a quick look at the name of this website. Yes, it’s Printable Wall Art! And it sells exactly that! We offer a huge range (over 1000 and counting) of prints, which are available as instant download printables. Printables make very affordable wall art, as it only costs a small amount for the files, which are available to download in a variety of sizes. You can buy just one print, or a whole set of prints to cheer up your walls.

Pale pink peony photo print

Printing them yourself at home is the cheapest option if you have a decent enough printer. Or you can find somewhere local, such as Costco, Walmart (USA), Boots (UK), or choose from one of the many online printing services. Online companies regularly run promotions and discounts, and signing up to their newsletters is a good way to find out when they are offering a discount.

With printable wall art, you also have the option of not only using the images for regular prints, but also printing onto canvas, cushions, mugs, the list is endless, and many online companies offer large ranges of items to print onto.


Depending on the size of wall space you want to cover, you might want to display more than one print. That’s where gallery walls come in. Gallery walls are simply a collection of prints or photos that look good together. They may share a specific theme, all be in similar colors, or just look good together.

New Wall Art Prints

Here at Printable Wall Art, we’ve put together different collections of prints that we think look good together, and make great gallery walls. Each collection is available as instant download printables, and with each print coming in a number of different sizes, you can print each one in whatever size you choose. The collections are offered at discounted prices when compared to buying each print individually, making them affordable wall art.


There are lots of places online where you can download free printable wall art. We have our very own collection of free printables right here, ready to download in various sizes. No charge, no catch!

As with our regular printables, you can either print at home, or use an online or local service. If you print at home all it costs you is the price of the paper and ink.

Eat Sleep Game Repeat print

We’re far from the only site that offers free printables (although we do think we’re the best!) A quick online search will reveal many sites offering free printable downloads. And it needn’t just be quote or photo prints that you can find. Think outside the box. HD wallpaper is perfect for using as wall art. For example, I’ve used some of the wallpapers from the Disney Parks Blog as prints for my office. I’m a huge Disney fan, and the larger size wallpapers have made ideal prints for my new office.


These days most people will have a phone that’s full to bursting with photos. Whether it’s photos of places you’ve been, or family photos, they all make wonderful and affordable wall art. Use them on their own, or combine with art or quote prints. Print at different sizes, with one or two large photo prints, and a few smaller ones.

Disney World photo collage FREE

Again, you can print the photos yourself at home, or use a local or online service. There are even apps that will send you a certain number of free photo prints for free each month, Freeprints for example. You can use these photos to make a fantastic, cheap gallery wall. One or two months of free photos can give you enough for a photo collage. We have a post about how we made our own Disney photo wall collage, complete with a free download so you can make your own! You don’t even need to buy frames, just stick photos directly onto the wall.


Wall art doesn’t need to be restricted to prints and photos, it can be anything your imagination can come up with. From macrame hangings to living wall art. A quick search on Pinterest reveals hundreds of ideas of how you can make your own wall art. Some of our favorites include this dip dye wall hanging, DIY large wall art, popsicle wall art, a boho tassell wall hanging, and this amazing vertical garden.

If you’ve got kids, what do you do with the endless works of art they produce at school? Don’t just stick them to the fridge or let them pile up. Get a cheap frame from Ikea or Amazon and frame them. Not only will they give you unique wall art that no one else will have, but just think of how happy it will make your child to see their work of art in pride of place on your wall.

I hope that’s given you a few ideas of how you can brighten up your walls for very little money. Affordable wall art has never been more accessible, with lots of free options on offer. So, find a wall that needs some love and get creative!

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