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How to Use Printable Wall Art Throughout Your Home

Whether you have just moved into your new home or you are looking to revamp your home aesthetic, printable wall art could be the solution for you. With a variety of styles, colours and fonts all at the press of a button, it really could not get any easier to hang printable prints in your home.

In this blog, we will discuss how to download your printable wall art, how to hang it, and also how to use it in each room of your house.

A million dreams quote print

What is Printable Wall Art?

Printable wall art has become hugely popular recently due to its affordability compared to fine art, and due to the fact that you can literally download it from your computer and print it instantly.

There are a variety of printable wall art options online to suit everyone’s styles and themes, including photography wall art, printable wall art quotes, nursery and children’s wall art, abstract art prints, and even canvas prints.

Printable wall art is a form of art provided via a digital file that you can download from a website and print yourself to hang in your home. It is a form of artwork for a fraction of the price, and can easily be swapped and changed around to suit trends or your aesthetic without too much hassle.

How to download & Print your wall art

For a step by step guide on how to download and print your wall art click here.

How to hang printable wall art in your home

1. Choose a range of prints that you like in different sizes and colours within your theme. A mixture of small, medium and large prints will help you with your composition arrangement.
A good tip for this would be to lay them all out on your floor so that you can see whether you have too many printable wall prints in one colour or if the sizing just doesn’t look right.

2. Measure the size of the wall you are wanting to use for your printable wall art arrangement.Another tip for this step would be when you have finished measuring the wall, measure the same size out on your floor so you can have a play around with your arrangement before committing to the final design.

3. Start with your largest printable wall art first. The easiest way to figure out your arrangement is to start with your largest printable wall art as these are often the prints with the most colour and impact, and once these are in place it makes it easier to arrange the smaller printable prints.
A tip for this step is to not use too much of one colour in the same cluster of printable wall art because it can make the larger print seem off balance and make it more difficult to incorporate the smaller prints.

4. Choose your hanging method. There are a range of methods to hang your printable wall art depending on how much you want to protect your wall. If you aren’t in rented accommodation and have more freedom in terms of decoration you can use the traditional hammer and nails to hang your designs.
A tip for those concerned about damaging their walls would be to use an alternative method such as wall hanging strips. These use a combination of velcro and an adhesive pad to hand your printable prints securely whilst also being easily removable and leaving no damage on the wall.

5. Time to decorate! Once you have chosen the appropriate wall hanging method you can begin to hang your printable wall art. Simply follow the layout that you measured out on the floor, and if measured correctly all prints should transfer perfectly onto your wall to create your desired design.

How to use printable wall art in your bathroom

Choosing the appropriate printable wall art design for your bathroom can be difficult, but that does not mean that you need to leave the room bare and lacking colour. However, it is important to think practically about what the room is used for and what kind of environment and conditions the printable print will be under.

For example, a bathroom is a very damp environment so using a normal print would risk condensation getting under the frame and causing damage to the design; therefore using a canvas based design can be more practical and durable.

But, if you are still set on using a normal printable print design, then opt for affordable designs that you would not mind being affected by condensation to test how well they would last in your bathroom.

In terms of visual appeal, there aren’t necessarily rules to what type of designs you should use in each room, but some general common sense goes a long way. For example, using a printable wall print which incorporates images of herbs and spices would seem a little off in a bathroom. Often printable art quotes work well in bathrooms as this is where people go to relax and refresh, so a nice inspirational quote works well with the calming environment.

How to use printable wall art in your kitchen

When choosing printable wall art designs for your kitchen you need to consider what the room is used for again. Whether it is heat from the oven, splashes of sauce or smells of last night’s curry, all of these factors are going to affect the type of wall art you choose.

For the kitchen we would recommend not hanging your prints without a frame. Although not a complete barrier, the frame around the print will provide the printable prints with protection from any strong cooking smells and general cooking stains. The last scenario you want to come home to is your brand new crisp white print covered in your children’s baking mess!

When choosing the right design for your kitchen there are many options. From printable wall quotes, to recipes and even a little humour it is very easy to fill your kitchen with colourful, family orientated printable prints. You can even choose a theme such as a shabby chic or retro designs if you are going for an American style diner look.

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How to use printable wall art in your office

Printable wall art can brighten up your office and transform it from a dull and cold working space to a colourful and thought provoking office. When considering what printable prints to use in your office it is important to remember that it is your working space; therefore make it a place you want to be in by choosing prints that match your interests and hobbies. Whether that is beach prints, animal prints or even landscape prints, there are so many options to suit you and the type of working atmosphere you would like to create.

If you are struggling to choose a design for your office we recommend considering printable inspirational quote prints as an option. Everybody knows when working in your office that you can become tired and sometimes lack motivation. Therefore, choosing appropriate inspirational quote prints can be ideal for stimulating your mind for problem solving, and giving you a boost of motivation by providing you with little reminders of your purpose and values. All of which contribute to a more positive working environment.

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Printable Wall Art has an array of beautiful designs for any room, theme or style in your home. For a variety of affordable printable wall art designs that you can download and hang today check out our website today.

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