Disney World photo collage

Disney World Photo Wall Collage How To

If, like us, you’ve had to cancel or postpone a trip to Walt Disney World because of the pandemic, you’re probably looking for ways to bring a bit of Disney World into your home. We’ve had to postpone our latest WDW vacation twice now, and are desperately hoping we don’t have to do so again!

After redecorating a room in our house, and being faced with blank walls, I hit upon the idea of having a Disney World photo collage wall. Photo collages are all the rage right now, so why not have a Disney themed one?! And with rainbows being so popular I decided it had to be a rainbow collage!

We’ve visited Disney World many times over the years, and even got married there, so the place holds very special memories for us all. And during those trips I’ve amassed quite a collection of photos. So I sat down at the computer one afternoon and went through all of my Walt Disney World photos and picked out the best ones, including family ones that held particularly special memories.

How to make your wall collage

Once I’d sorted through the photos I picked out the ones that appeared to be primarily one of the seven rainbow colours. For the others I applied photo filters in Photoshop until I had enough of each of the seven colours. I also went a bit fancy and turned some into black and white photos, and even fancier still I applied a selective colour filter to make a few black and white with just a bit of red showing. The idea being to start with black and white photos, changing to red, then running through all of the rainbow colours.

To get the photos printed I used the Freeprints and Snapfish apps, which offer 45 and 50 free prints (respectively) each month, so only had to pay postage.

Disney World photo collage layout
Laying out the photo collage on the floor

Now it was the tricky bit! With the help of my eldest daughter we laid out the photos on the floor and played around with the layout until we were happy with it. Also making sure to measure the wall first to check that the collage would fit!

Disney World photo collage layout
The left side of the photo collage, starting with black and white

I measured the wall to find the centre and made a mark there, then measured the photo collage to find the photo at the centre of that. I took a photo of the layout on the floor, and referred back to this regularly to check the positioning of each photo. Then I started to stick the photos to the wall using White Tack, beginning with the photo I’d measured to be at the centre. I went the extra mile and used a spirit level on each photo, after all, no one wants a wonky collage!

Centre photo for Disney World gallery wall
Starting with centre photo
Measuring each Disney photo to make sure they're level
Measuring photos to check they’re level

We first built up one side, then the other, until we had a beautiful Walt Disney World photo wall collage. Not only does it look amazing, but it brings back such amazing memories.

Walt Disney World photo wall collage finished
The finished Disney World photo wall collage

You can make a Disney photo wall collage of your own, or indeed any other photo collage. Use your own vacation photos or download our free set below. You can also find free images to print and use as wall art on the Disney Parks Blog.

I’ve put together a set of 52 4×6″ photos to download, selected from photos I’ve taken at Disney World over the years, so that you can make your own photo collage wall. The Disney World photo collage set is free to download, but is for personal use only.

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